A Simple Change, makes it easier to charge your devices.

Most people now-a-days have a wide assortment of devices that charge by USB and don’t have enough adapters to charge them. Make recharging easier with these USB-compatible power outlets.

These outlets are tamper-resistant and are a great affordable upgrade. What makes it better? It is DIY friendly! Should take no more than a few hours to upgrade all your outlets! (or most of them, anyway).

USB Charger Outlet – Wall Charger with 2 USB Ports, Wall Plate Included, Surge Protection. Also has a 2-pack option.

Dual High-Speed Charger Electrical Outlets – Wall Plate included, 2 pack. Currently has an extra 5% off coupon box.

USB C Power Outlet Fast Charge – this currently has an extra $2 off coupon box.

Whole House pack of 6 – 4.0 amp USB outlet with 20A duplex receptacle, charges two USB devices simultaneously without adapters feature high speed.

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