What!?! Dollar Tree is Having Black Friday?!

Dollar Tee is ready! Online, Dollar Tree just released their holiday catalog, and there are lots of ornaments, decor, and more.

Some items have the $1 price tag, and there are some items you’ll need to buy in bulk to pay the $1 per item. Shipping and handling costs vary. If you can, always choose free store pickup. Also, keep an eye out at your local Dollar Tree once to see these items pop up there.

  1. These Christmas House Holiday Themed 14-Inch Gnomes – $1 each, (must buy 24)

2. Christmas House Giant Twisted Candy Canes, $1 each, (must by 48)

View Christmas House Giant Twisted Plastic

3. Cozy Warm Socks – $1 each, coming to a store soon

Snugadoo Too Ladies'...

4. Cozy Warm Mittens – $1 each, coming to a store soon.

Women's One-Size...
Men's Brushed Gloves

5. Buffalo Checked Christmas Ornaments– $1 each, (must buy 36). If you like Buffalo checked Christmas items, go HERE to see all they have.

6. Festive Red, White, Pearl, and Gold Charger Plates. $1 each, coming soon to store OR you can buy in bulk (must buy 24).

Don’t forget to take a look at their FALL CATALOG! Wonderful items for wreaths, Fall Decor, and more!

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