FREE Holiday Turkey!

FREE THANKSGIVING TURKEY!! PLUS, if you sign up thru my link below, you’ll get a $15 off your first box!

Get your free turkey and $15 off your first box – HERE

From now through 11/15 Butcher Box is offering a FREE 10-14 pound turkey (with sign up) – perfect for you Thanksgiving or Christmas feast.

Build a custom Butcher Box with grass-fed/grass-finished beef, salmon, scallops, chicken, pork, and more, and get a Thanksgiving turkey for free in your first box.

Why choose Butcher Box over regular meat from the store or from another grass-fed meat subscription company? Well, for starters, dollar for dollar and pound for pound, Butcher Box is a better value than what I could get for meat of that quality at my local grocery store. I have been using their service for over 4 years now and I absolutely love it. Cows were meant to eat grass, not cheap grains! Feedlot cattle are fed antibiotics, hormones, corn, soy, and in some cases even animal byproducts and candy. As a result, you get a fatty piece of meat tainted with antibiotics and hormones. Butcher Box meats are free or hormones and antibiotics and are humanely sourced from farmers with animal welfare as their core value.

Don’t miss out. Get your free turkey and $15 off your first box – HERE

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