Walmart Class Action Settlement

According to Kukorinis v. Walmart, Inc. Settlement:

If you purchased anything that had a “unit price” and needed to be charged by weight*, between Feb. 7, 2015 and Aug. 26, 2020 could be entitled to compensation.

*beef, pork, poultry, fish, and other types of packaged foods marked with unit pricing.

The lawsuit alleges that Walmart had been overcharging consumers for certain goods that were marked as ‘on sale’.

Walmart agreed to payout $9.5 million to settle this class action law suit. Eligible purchasers will receive:

  • Up to $10 if the customer submits a sworn affidavit stating that they purchased allegedly mispriced meats.
  • Up to $40 if the the customer can produce receipts or proofs of purchase but without packaging that would show the actual amount overcharged.
  • An Unlimited amount for customers for consumers who can produce receipts or proofs of purchase plus packaging showing the actual amount of the overcharge.

Read about the claim here

Submit your claim HERE – Remember, all Claims must be submitted online or postmarked no later January 8, 2021.

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