Why the ‘Group’ is now Private vs Public

The Strategically Thrifty Group was just changed from Public to Private. This is why I changed to group to Private.


  • Users can now join public groups without admin approval and people can participate in discussions as visitors without joining the group. This easily leads to a conflict with FB community rules that punish groups for ‘going against community standards’, when you have no control on posts. (Frankly, this spells disaster).
  • If you are in a Public Facebook group or admin any of these groups you may see a huge increase in spam today! This is because Facebook has made changes to public groups, and by default, anyone can join or post!
  • Spammers are always there when these changes happen. Going Private allows all group members security to not be spammed in the manner which will be escalating in the next few weeks.
  • With the rollout of the new changes in groups, glitches and errors occur that I contact FB to fix. (like not being able to get in….)
  • As a Private group – only members of the group can see posts or any activity from another member. Only members of the group can see what members are actually in the group.

With the upcoming rollout of changes in Facebook policies for groups, this seems to be the safest recommended course of action. For members, there is not much change. However, you can no longer ‘share’ a post (which is sad).

Non-members, however, will no longer be able to see posts. Please join, if you’re an invited member! Thank you

(The Page, however, remains Public and does not have the same rollout change as Groups). Please don’t forget to Like and Follow our Facebook Page! ❤

Please share with your friends, family, and others too! (The Page is Public, the Group here is Private).

Let’s build up our nice little Community of Savers! I Appreciate you all and Thank You for support! ❤️https://www.facebook.com/StrategicallyThrifty

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May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE OUR PAGE! THANK YOU!!'

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