Cucina Antica and Taste Republic Italian Dinner Review ~ A Must Try!

I had the amazing opportunity to try out these new products. I am so glad I did.

I have had Bariatric surgery and have to eat within certain restrictions. These two products gave me the flavor I’ve been looking for and are within my guidelines! Low carb, low sugar, no processed ingredients, no gluten, and Non-GMO!

With the particular Cucina Antica Nonna’s Recipe Sauce, it’s made with San Marzano tomatoes and is low carb, low sugar! The taste is frankly amazing, fresh, tastes very expensive (but it’s not). Right out of the jar, the sauce has a rich deep flavor. I then added the jar to an added protein, 95% lean ground Bison. Absolutely amazing flavor and didn’t take the all day cooking the flavor suggests.

I cooked up Taste Republics Cauliflower Linguini to create this dish, since I cannot eat gluten (no regular pasta for me). I am in love! This is about the closest product out there that tastes like real pasta. No rinsing required and no fish smell (like other products out there). Fresh made cooler section, straight from the package to boiling salted water. Cooks like regular pasta but faster. Tasted this alone before adding anything else – Straight up delicious. I could see other of these products being made into pasta salad or in soups too.

I added parmesan and some Ricotta to my husbands dish and of course we upped the wow factor with some wine. Made it a Date Night Dinner! Amazing!!

Thanks to Tryazon for giving me the opportunity to try these products for free; they will now be a part of my dinner nights!

Cucina Antica Nonna’s Recipe and Taste Republic Cauliflower Linguini

These are newer products that are available at only a few stores where I live in Virginia, USA. They are well worth the time to go out and get them…and I’m hoping they start being available everywhere!! I found mine at Whole Foods.

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