Great Games for Your Next Family Fun Night by Skillmatics! (Review)

We had a terrific time, destressing and relaxing, playing @skillmatics games with these two @Tryazon Guess In 10 party pack games over the weekend. I had the Guess In 10 Animal Planet and the Guess In 10 All Around the Town games.

@Skillmatics and @Tryazon thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to enjoy time with the kids and grandchildren while they were visiting my husband in the hospital.

Do you remember the games you used to play in the car, while traveling on vacation? You know the ones where you ask questions to narrow down the answers to guess correctly, this is like those games! These games are a unique riff off the nostalgic 20 questions game. How nostalgic and fun!

The kids thought the games were a blast and the adults really enjoyed being able to play a game night game that included the children, plus knowing the kids were learning, without them knowing, was an added benefit! Don’t fool yourself – adults were learning too!

If you’re not familiar with Skillmatics, they are a great new brand that develops innovative educational products and games, that are designed to help children build core skills in math, language, science and logic, through play. What a great concept, right?!

*Another HUGE shout out to @skillmatics – Skillmatics has generously provided a coupon code for us to share with everyone. Use code: TRY30 to save 30% on any product at (Limited Offer, valid till August 31st only).

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Guess in 10 Animal Planet games can be purchased at Target and Walmart…and of course all games can be purchased at or at Amazon

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