Dollar General Penny List for Tuesday, June 29, 2021

*Almost every Tuesday DG has products throughout the store that ring up for ONLY a PENNY! Depending on Holidays, they have different days of the week that they have penny items, but it is mostly Tuesdays.

*Penny items are products that have been hard to sell and have gone past the 90% off mark. They ring up for a penny in order to help the sales associates identify them to let them know that it needs to be pulled from the shelf to be donated or destroyed (most times it is just thrown away!)

*Try to get to the store when it opens. Always remember “your mileage may vary” – all stores can be different in their pricing and sales.*If you haven’t already, make sure to download the Dollar General app and update it. There is a price scanner at the upper right-hand side where you can price check items to verify the pricing.


>Tuesday, June 29, 2021

  • Gerber 2nd Foods Sweet Potato Twin-4oz

UPC 15000076047

  • DG Baby E0588-Juice Apple 32oz

UPC 41152102747

  • Lady Gaga Oreos

UPC 044000069001

  • Unique Helium Balloon Graduation

UPC 430001485085

  • Unique Shaped Balloon Graduation

UPC 11179871761

  • Unique Shaped Balloon Graduation

UPC 11179371754

  • Unique Stick Balloon Graduation

UPC 11179371778

  • Graduation Balloon Banner 2021

UPC 11179219407

  • Graduation Balloon Arch Grad 2021

UPC 11179219452

  • Fathers Day Balloons

UPC 11179371693


I am not affiliated with Dollar General and they can change things up at any time. You only know for sure it’s a penny, when an item is scanned at the register. If it does not scan a penny, you cannot purchase it for a penny. If it does not scan a penny, you can always tell the cashier you don’t want it. The Dollar General app is fairly accurate on pricing, there are a few exceptions.

  • Please do not make a mess in the store.
  • Do not hide items.
  • Do not go into the back room.
  • Be respectful to the employees.

DG’s policy is to sell products that are on the “sales floor”. The penny items are supposed to be pulled from the shelf and either disposed of or sent back. You are basically finding what has been ‘missed’.

The NCI home stores have different items and different penny lists than other types of Dollar General stores. Most regular penny lists are also for NCI home stores though. To find an NCI store, go to the Dollar General app and you will see at the top where you can change the store. Put your zip code in, but do not press enter yet. Now, just to the right, you will see a tab that says “filter”. After clicking on “filter”, you will see a dropdown box – click the box next to DG Finds. This will bring up the NCI home stores. (Doesn’t work too well on the website, but works just fine in the app).


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