Vegan, 200 Billion CFU Probiotic Supplement by Toniiq – Review

This review is for the 200 Billion CFU Probiotic Supplement by Toniiq – 30 Verified Third-Party Tested Strains – Fully Shelf-Stable Probiotics Formula with Prebiotic Blend – Extended Release Capsules

First of all, as with the other Toniiq products I have used, this Probiotic 200 has high quality ingredients. There is a big difference between products with high quality and those with less, and I’ve been a supplement taker for over 25 years and have found out the difference, through trial and error.

Secondly, this product contains high CFUs (200B) which is much higher than the mid to high standard over the counter comparisons. So here you’re getting high quality AND high CFUs.

Third, and last, As an older woman (or even for a man), you have to take care of your internals to help avoid medical issues that may arise. I make it a top priority to take supplements that benefit my body and keep me healthy. I found that even with using this product for 2 weeks so far, Toniiq Probiotic 200 has helped with healthy elimination and wellbeing in my system; and also did not cause any stress or issues with my system.

More energy, less digestive issues, and frankly a happier MENTAL feeling as well. Gut issues are high ranking in mental depression, brain fog, and can be the cause of other medical conditions….especially with all the quick over processed foods available. I feel this product to be a definite must in my daily routine. I highly recommend these!

  • Over 200 Billion CFU per serving with 30 clinically studied broad spectrum strains.
  • Multi-Layer Micro-Encapsulation Preparation – In order to ensure true shelf-stability and viability through digestion.
  • Third-Party Tested Strains – Factors such as place of origin, storage conditions and transit conditions can lead to decreased potency and even risk of bacterial contamination for any probiotics (including specific probiotics for women and probiotics for men). That is why our 30 strains are fully tested and verified for every batch.
  • GMP-certified and NSF-approved state-of-the-art manufacturing facility right here in the USA. Our vegan probiotics can be used in substitution for both men and women probiotics.
  • Each Batch is Individually Tested.


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