Toniiq Ashwagandha+ Review

Based on the situation of last couple of years, many people, me being one, have had significant anxiety and bouts of depression. If you’ve been ‘short’ fused with people or changes, feeling low or bursts of crying for no reason, plus the addition of not being able to sleep all night for months, you also may have the same issue(s) (talk with your doctor for diagnosis please). 

I had a friend suggest Ashwaganda, since it worked for her, and so I was happy when I got the opportunity to test out these Toniiq Ashwaganda+, 25% Withanolides capsules. 

While this is not a prescription that a doctor could give you, in my opinion this is a self help OTC that WORKS! It’s not a quick fix, but you’ll see a difference in how you react to things fairly quickly – for me, it was within a couple weeks. These help with giving you a sense of well being and being able to make calmer reactions to life stressors. Less panic attacks and better nights sleep are starting to come into play, and I’m loving that!  I have tried just swallowing the capsules with my coffee in the morning, and I have opened the capsules up and mixed with yogurt with added berries for breakfast. There is no bad aftertaste, which is a plus.

While I haven’t tried them in my coffee, I may in the near future. For me, these capsules have not interfered with any other medications nor have they upset my stomach or have given me any bad reactions.

Toniiq is different than other brands, as this has the highest amount of Ashwaganda in them, has all natural ingredients, and is also third party tested.  The capsules have only two ingredients; purified water and vegetable cellulose. These are 100% natural, and contain no gelatin, preservatives, wheat, gluten, animal by-products or starch. I was also happy to find that these are free of metals/heavy metals. These capsules have 1,300 mg of Ashwagandha and 10 mg of Black Pepper. That’s it! Don’t worry about the black pepper, as it is often added to aid in the benefit of absorption (just like Turmeric). That being said, I myself would only take these in the morning, and not at night.

I would definitely suggest you talk with your doctor about taking Ashwaganda, as this supplement may have interactions with other medications, particularly Thyroid hormone medications, Immunosuppressants, and sedative medications.  

These Toniiq Ashwaganda+ capsules are definitely staying in my daily routine.


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