Easter Doesn’t Have to be Expensive; Best Easter Finds at Walmart!

Now at Walmart, you can get these great deals for Easter!

Shipping is free with orders $35+, or with W+, or you can opt for free in-store pickup if you’re store has that option.

Please keep in mind that prices can change at any time. Ad, this post may contain affiliate links. I only partner with brands I trust.

Frankford’s Easter Solid Cookies ‘N Crème Bunny 2.25 ounces – $1.00

Frankford’s Easter Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny 2.25 ounces – $1.00

Russell Stover Milk Chocolate Solid Easter Bunny, 1.5 Oz. – $1.00

Russell Stover Caramel Bunny, 3 Oz. – $1.98

REESE’S, PIECES Peanut Butter Candy, Easter, 2.2 oz, Carrot Shaped Bag – $1.00

WHOPPERS, Mini Robin Eggs Malted Milk Candy, Easter, 2.2 oz, Carrot Bag – $1.00

Trolli Sour Gummi Creations Martian Mix, 3.8 Oz – $1.00

TROLLI LLAMAS 4.25 OZ – $1.00

TWIX Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar, Fun Size, 3.28 oz. (Pack of 6) – $0.98

PEEPS Yellow Marshmallow Chicks, Easter Candy, 3oz (10ct) – $1.24

Peeps Blue Marshmallow Chicks, Easter Candy, 3 Oz. – $1.24

PEEPS, Party Cake Flavored Marshmallow Chicks Easter Candy, 10ct. (3.0 oz.) – $1.24

CADBURY, Milk Chocolate Crème Egg Candy, Easter, 1.2 oz, Pack (5 Count) – $3.98

SOUR PATCH KIDS Soft & Chewy Easter Candy, 1 Easter Egg – $1.00

Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Soft & Chewy Candy, 3.5 oz – $1.24

Peeps 6 Bunny With Cotton Candy Scent, Rainbow – $3.98

Minecraft Easter Egg Activity Set, Includes Stickers, Markers, Crayons – $2.98

Way to Celebrate Easter Round Bamboo Basket, Teal – $1.48

Easter Decorations Easter Eggs Basket Ornament Rabbit Bow Storage Basket Tote Bucket – $3.80 (Was $7.52)

Way To Celebrate Fluffy Animal Basket, Bunny With Gingham Ears – $9.98

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