New Game Review! Tapple!

From 6 to 65, we very much enjoyed this new fast paced game, which reminded us of some of the Jane Lynch Hollywood Game Night Games. The rules are very easy to follow and the included book on the rules and how to prepare your game is also easy to follow. The only note is that you will need a small computer Philips head screwdriver to install the batteries (not included).

There are a plethora of topics cards, with different level of difficulties, which are included and the back of the game includes a section to hold these cards when you’re finished. Love this all enclosed game, no more looking for all the parts. 

Hit the big white timer to start, then the letter for each player, then reset for the next person by hitting the white timer button, and so on. Reset the letters and entire game by squeezing the black level and stationary section around the timer button. Fairly easy to do and remember. 

I found this could easily be played by children or adults. There is a 10 second timer, the sound effects of on air game shows adds to the fun.  The more players, the more difficult, as the answers could be already given…you’ll have to dig deep into your vocabulary for some of these…which is a great way for kids to learn words. 

This is definitely a great addition to the Family Game Closet! While I see this as a fun and lighthearted family game night, this could also be a heck of a lot of fun as a drinking game. Just sayin’.




@tryazon, @theopgames


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