Simple Mills Carrot Cake Bars Review

I was super excited to try these! Gluten free, corn free, grain free, no gum, non-GMO, and nothing artificial! While this is what they don’t have, what they do have is TASTE! 

I have had bariatric surgery to save my life two years ago.  It’s been a long road to recovery, and it’s been even harder to find good foods for me to consume. I’ve been looking for something to reward myself, have a snack, and/or something new and good for me for breakfast.  

I decided on the Carrot Cake flavor, since I really enjoyed that food in the past.  The first thing you get when you open one is the smell of spice and cupcakes. It took me back to getting a slice of cake or cupcake at a bakery shop.  These are soft, not crunchy in texture, although when you eat it, there are crunchy textured pieces. There is a slight aftertaste for me, but not terrible. In reading the ingredients, it is the molasses that I’m tasting. I’m not a big fan of molasses, but the aftertaste is only slight, so this is not a put-off for me.

I tried half the bar right out of the packaging. The other half, I put into the microwave for a few seconds to heat it up and to see if it changed any of the flavors. It was like I just baked these. REALLY good warmed up.  These bars are easily a replacement to products that can cause GI issues like cereal, chips, breads for toast or crackers for snacks. Having one of these has also taken my hunger away, so not only good ingredients, but beneficial in a calorie/how much food you’re eating kind of way.

I also have IBS, and it makes it hard to eat gluten. With these bars, I have no issues with GI tract or pain. I had no issues with eating these from the Bariatric surgery either. So with that alone, and the flavor, I am very pleased. 

If you’re a person who likes pumpkin pie, chai tea, using herbs and spices, then you will most likely love these… like I do.  I’m definitely going to keep these on the grocery list and a part of my pantry choices.  Next one I’m going to try is the banana bread!

Thank you @SocialNature for allowing me to try this product for free.

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