Large Black Makeup Brush Holder Organizer

  If you're a woman, for the most part you have a TON of makeup and brushes. This is a nice way to organize and store all your brushes, lip and eye liners, glosses, etc so they are not all over your counters. Sleek and black, goes with most decor. Everything is up and out... Continue Reading →

MoJo’s Dog Nail Clippers & Trimmers

These Mojo Dog Nail Clippers are by far the best dog toenail clippers I have ever tried.  They are brilliant! They have a nail stopper (which I have never seen before) behind the blade so that the dogs toe nail cannot go too far into the clipper...this prevents the nail from getting cut to short and hurting them.... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of a Reviewer

So you may think the review life is extremely easy...I mean you get these nice things for a highly discounted amount or free.... Well, you don't just sit back and enjoy it. You have to be a test subject. Inspecting everything about this product and then write about it. For a lot of us, including... Continue Reading →

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