A Day in the Life of a Reviewer


So you may think the review life is extremely easy…I mean you get these nice things for a highly discounted amount or free….

Well, you don’t just sit back and enjoy it. You have to be a test subject. Inspecting everything about this product and then write about it.

For a lot of us, including myself, this is a Full Time Job. We don’t just write one sentences, we write paragraphs or more and pictures of what a potential buyer would want to know about the product AND our own thoughts and experiences with this product.

While it’s a tedious job, I love it…..but I don’t think our delivery personnel care for it too much. TONS of boxes some days…okay, so not as much as is in the above picture, but it feels like it sometimes. Quite frankly, you have to have some sort of organizational skills to stay afloat of all the reviews and boxes. 🙂

While it’s hectic, crazy, frustrating…it’s also fun, inspiring, and exciting. I wouldn’t trade doing this at all.

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