MoJo’s Dog Nail Clippers & Trimmers


These Mojo Dog Nail Clippers are by far the best dog toenail clippers I have ever tried.  They are brilliant! They have a nail stopper (which I have never seen before) behind the blade so that the dogs toe nail cannot go too far into the clipper…this prevents the nail from getting cut to short and hurting them. I have three dogs and these worked on all of them. Yes, they jerk around and move…I swear their feet are ticklish, but these work before they pull their feet back. The cutting blades are very sharp and snip the nail off easily.
All the important things like a comfortable grip, nice shape, being easy to handle, an attractive design, and having that guard to keep you from accidentally cutting too much at once, plus has a lock built into the handle to keep it closed when not in use… plus a nail file is built into handle….makes this one heck of a dog grooming tool.

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