OpticSharp 5.5 Inch Extra Large Ultra Bright LED Lighted Magnifying Glass

This is a wonderful magnifying glass with a light! Perfect for homeschooling, extra large, easy to examine leaves, rocks, bugs ....  This is also great to have handy for when I need to read the incredibly small print on medication bottles. https://goo.gl/xgV2x3

Tat Towels…I had no idea

While I don't have any, my friends and some family members have Tattoos.  What a great idea, that if you spend the kind of money they cost, and you endure that pain, these Tat towels enhance the color and make them look their best. It's a fantastic idea. There are 12 individual packs, soft, durable, unscented wipes... Continue Reading →

Today’s Freebie

  I just LOVE getting free things, especially if it's regarding something I enjoy.  My plan is to give out a link for something free everyday. WHAT?? Everyday??  Yep. There are many out there, but it's hard to know where to look. Today's Freebie - I love to read...real book in hand better than a... Continue Reading →

Dimore Crochet Boot Socks

I love these on my Nieces and plan to get them the other colors. Fall is here, and all the cute clothing is coming out. You have to have these as part of this years Fall wardrobe. These are very comfy and soft...plus you know how those teens are, they like those super flirty and... Continue Reading →

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