Ella Scroll Sheer Jacquard Curtain Panel by EllingtonHome


Can you say, Instant Beautification??

Such a beautiful sheer Jacquard curtain panel with grommets. It is a single sheer jacquard pattern curtain panel, that measures about 54 inches by 84 inches.  Mine is a light teal…dark teal is my favorite color…which is a fun and vibrant. The metallic shine creates a texture against the solids of the other curtains and the room.

I wasn’t sure I’d like the grommets, but I do. This is so much easier to put on a curtain rod! They look like shiny silver metal, but are actually a completely lightweight plastic. The privacy comes from the scrolling of the Jacquard.  No worries about falling apart, this curtain is well made and nicely stitched together.

What makes this even better for this Mema, is I can just throw this into the washing machine if it gets dirty.  This is offered in a wide variety of fun and fabulous color selections.  What I may do instead is turn this one panel into a shower curtain accent. Definitely goes with the French theme I have in the bathroom.


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