Today’s Freebie


keep-calm-its-freebie-timeI just LOVE getting free things, especially if it’s regarding something I enjoy.  My plan is to give out a link for something free everyday. WHAT?? Everyday??  Yep. There are many out there, but it’s hard to know where to look.

Today’s Freebie –

I love to read…real book in hand better than a kindle or on my computer or phone, but I’ll do both. There happens to be a great freebie TODAY ONLY for a FREE, yep ZERO cost, Amazon Kindle eBook. No, you don’t have to have a kindle…I download mine to my Amazon Cloud and change it over to my cell, computer or kindle when I’m ready to read it.

This eBook is on Soap Making….something so many people are interested but frankly afraid to do. It’s actually very easy and this book makes it even easier. Simple to read, easy to understand and follow.  Homemade soap is much better for you than store bought, and the author goes through and explains why.  While she does switch back and forth from oz to grams, this does give us a head start on our own soap making skills.

How To Make Homemade Soap: 32 Easy DIY Homemade Soap Recipes for Home (Homemade Body Butter Recipes and Soap Book 1) Kindle Edition.


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