3in1 Women Home Exercise Equipment by Sporty&Fit


While this Mema completely understands how important exercise is for her and her heart health/blood clot health, it is something that is so hard to ‘want’ to do….and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Besides that, my muscles and bones literally hurt everyday.  (Fibro is the worst).

This 3 in 1 set of home exercise equipment is MY answer. Seriously easy for this beginner. The set is a cool dark purple in color and includes a jump rope, 4 different levels of resistance bands, and 2 gliding discs.

Ok….no, I have NOT broken my butt on those gliding discs…. yet…lol, however the resistance bands are the best. I’m on the light and working my way to medium. I’m not expecting to get to heavy and ultra heavy resistance, but my hubby is and this means he can stretch out with me. Something great us older folk can do to stay limber.


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