Premium Big Strictly Briks Magenta Baseplate Set – 12 Pack – (Big LEGO® DUPLO® Compatible)


Oh my goodness! This Mema is excited to get these! As a huge DIYer and upcycler, I’m getting to make a few lego/lego duplo tables for my Grandchildren. There are many colors to choose from, but this batch is my magenta baseplate colors. Each plate is about 7.5 inches x 3.75 inches x 1/2 an inch.  These baseplates are thick enough that the lego duplo blocks firmly stick so there is a stable base for construction.

If you don’t have kids or Grandkids to give these to, might I suggest saving some sort of side table from the dump, refinishing, then placing these babies on the flat surfaces…then sell away!  Does your pocket good, saves a piece from the trash, and gets your creative imagination flowing for someone else to enjoy!

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